Ultrasonic WM

LXCJ-50~300 Ultrasonic Remote Transmission Water Meter

Criterion:GB/T 778.1-2007,CJ/T224-2013 Wired/Wireless Communication

  • Introduction

    Adopting the principle of ultrasonic measurement, this range of products is capable of transmitting data of water volume remotely. Its measuring accuracy conforms to the Verification Regulation of Cold Water Meter of China and the Regulations of Electronic Remote-reading Water meter published by MOHURD.

  • Features

    ● The dual-dial ultrasonic measurement technique enlarges its measuring range and improves its sensitivity.
    ● Elements inside of the water meter are unmovable. It is applicable to measurement under complicated context.
    ● Wired or wireless communication modules are optional for installation to transmit real-time data remotely.
    ● Pressure sensing communication modules are optional for installation to transmit data of water pressure remotely.
    ● Direction of water flow, real-time volume, accumulated volume, positive and negative water flow are displayed.
    ● Lithium battery is equipped internally, which is expected to live for ten years.
    ● Underwater operation is permissible with its shell conforms to the IP68 waterproof regulation.

  • Installation Requirements

    ● Horizontal installation with the reading dial facing up
    ● For slanting and vertical installation, water flows from the inlet on the lower side to the outlet on the higher side
    ● Sensitivity Grade of Flow Profile:U0、D0

  • Technical Data


  • Dimensions and Weight